Crock Pot BBQ

This is a pretty good approximation of NC BBQ that requires a minimal effort to make at home.


1 Boston Butt (4lbs)
1 cup Coca-Cola
1 cup John Boy & Billy Grillin’ Sauce (Hot & Spicy)
1 cup Eastern NC BBQ sauce (George’s, Scott’s, etc)


Place meat in crock pot fat side up. Add grillin’ sauce and Coca-Cola. Cook on low for 10-12 hours. Dump all but about an inch of the liquid and remove meat from crock pot. Remove bone and excess fat. Shred with two forks to make “pulled pork”. Return to crock pot and add NC BBQ sauce. Cook for another hour or so.

Other sauces can be used. This recipe produces a hybrid Eastern/Western NC flavor.

If you can’t find Eastern NC BBQ sauce where you live, you can make it pretty easily. Click here for a recipe.

Based on a recipe by my brother in law, Jon Clark.


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